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Biographie OneTab is a notable program development that closes generally your open tabs with a lone snap and saves them as a direct overview. Starting there, you can save that summary as a site page, share them with your colleagues, or restore all of them. Anyway, accepting you are including it curiously, these components could look overwhelming. Fret not, here is a step by step guide on the most capable strategy to use OneTab effectively. Check Out :- OneTab in the Chrome Web Store
Before we start
The clarification we propose Onetab Extension over another tab boss is memory use. I'm notsure, so I had a go at checking and the results are satisfying yet shocking. I opened different YouTube tabs that consumed more than 1 GB of memory, on my 4GB RAM. Resulting to enabling OneTab Extension it dropped to practically 44 MB which is a huge drop similarly as memory use alone. 
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